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What is the role of lubricant for your vehicle?

Gear oil is a type of lubricant that is used in transmissions, manual gearboxes, differentials, transaxles, and transfer cases in your vehicle. Moreover, it helps in protecting the important internal components of your car's gear systems. The gear oil has high viscosity. Gear oil deteriorates over time, and if you don’t change it then, it could cause heavy damage to your vehicle, which means having to replace parts and repair your transmission, at a substantial cost. The life expectancy of the gear oil lies from somewhere between, 50,000 and 60,000 miles. In this blog, we will study the importance of gear oil in the car.

Why Gear Oil is important for your car?

When it is time to get your car’s oil changed, most people think that their engine oil is required to be changed, this is a common mistake. The gear oil needs our attention instead of the engine oil, this is because gear oil provides proper lubrication to our car. It is a type of lubricating oil that helps your car to run smoothly. It also helps in protecting the important components of the automotive gear system from heat damage or wear and tear. Insufficient lubrication can cause corrosion, scratching, and pitting of important components in the gear system. This deterioration can have a major effect on the performance of your car which will ultimately lead to expensive repairs. The important idea behind the gear oil is to lubricate, cool, and protect the parts of the car that have to rotate and move metal gears. These gears help your vehicle’s wheel to rotate properly. Another use of gear oil is that it provides the balance of temperature and pressure. Periodically changing your car’s gear oil is very important in maintenance.

What is the role of lubricant for your vehicle?

A lubricant helps in forming an oil film on the surface of different metals, it helps in converting solid friction into liquid friction and reduces excessive friction. This is the most common and important function of lubricants. The reduced friction helps in preventing heat generation in the engine. It also helps in reducing the temperature of your vehicle. An engine oil consists of 70% of the base oils and 30% additives. The important function of the additives is to resist high temperatures. The most common lubricants that your car needs are:
1. Gear oil
2. Engine oil
3. Transmission fluid
4. Grease

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