Welcome to Adrol Lubricants India, where excellence in the lubricant industry is a tradition spanning over 54+ years. Our success story is driven by a passion deeply rooted in the fundamentals.

GARGO INTERNATIONAL's brand "ADROL LUBRICANTS" is backed by a resourceful management team, armed with experience, expertise, relationships, and an unwavering commitment to operational excellence. Our dedicated professionals efficiently manage key functions, from Sales & Marketing to Production, Supply Chain, QA/QC, and Operations.

Our greatest strength lies in the quality, agility, and unwavering dedication of our team. We actively cultivate an environment that respects and values individual and cultural differences, attracting, developing, and retaining a premier workforce. We are quick, dynamic, stable, and courageous, ready to grow alongside our employees, channel partners, and associates.

At "ADROL LUBRICANTS," our mantra is clear: "HERE WE ARE TO SERVE YOU BETTER." Your interest in our work is deeply appreciated, and we stand ready to assist with any queries or information you may need.

Thank you for your trust in GARGO INTERNATIONAL and "ADROL LUBRICANTS."

Director (Gargo  International)

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